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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Methods

In the last decade window cleaning has been revolutionised since the introduction of high reach water fed pole systems.  Our Window Cleaners in York are leading the way.


This method of working uses pure water technology to achieve excellent cleaning results and eliminates the dangers involved in using ladders. This effective method also protects your privacy.


How Does It Work?

  • Using telescopic poles and purpose designed brushes we can deliver 100% pure, de-ionised water and improve cleaning rates by up to 40%.


  • The pure water finds and effectively absorbs dirt leaving a perfect finish.


  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals used



  • Easily reaches windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns & flower beds without causing damage.


  • Complies with Health & Safety law – eliminates the need for ladders.


  • Protect your privacy.  Nobody will be peering through your windows.


  • In addition to cleaning your windows this method also cleans your frames and sills.


  • windows stay cleaner for longer.  The pure water we use will detract dust and grime from sticking to the windows. Many customers comment that their windows stay cleaner for longer.