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Conservatory Cleaning

Over the years we must of cleaned hundreds of conservatories in York and the surrounding areas. It’s surprising how grime and pollution build up reducing the life and appearance of your conservatory.

In the past many have found it hard to have the roof cleaned to a standard they’re happy with, but now there’s a solution.

Using the latest window cleaning methods it’s possible to restore your conservatory back to it’s former glory.  Our window cleaners in York use a tried and tested method to clean your conservatory to a professional finish.

Our Methods

  • When we arrive on site we access the job and plan a course of action to restore the conservatory.

  • We spray the conservatory with a solution, which helps to break down the dirt and grime.

  • Next we agitate the solution with a brush, which is designed to remove the dirt

  • We then rinse the conservatory with pure water, which removes all the grime and leaves a protective film.

  • Finally, we stand back and admire the results.


Would you like your conservatory restored back to new?  If you would please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a free quotation.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers.

You can make a request to clean the exterior glass of your conservatory at specified intervals or as a one-off clean when asked to do so.

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